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Hana Uzaki is the titular heroine of the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! series.


Hana Uzaki is 150 centimeters tall,[1] has silver-colored hair with a slightly black nape, big blue eyes, and a bust size of 96 centimeters with J cups in JP.[2] Hana wears a long-sleeve shirt with the words "sugoi dekai" printed on the front. This can be translated as "super big".[3] She also wears a short light blue skirt, black pantyhose, and walnut brown boots.


Hana's energetic personality, confident, cheerful, and playful antics often annoyed and embarrassed her senpai, Shinichi.

During her High School years, she was much more reserved and shy around people (especially Sakurai) than she is today. Her teasing and energetic current personality only seems to have developed after she got into college.



  • She really likes the taste of Choco-Mint/Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, and stating how it supposedly tastes like toothpaste is one of the few things that will truly make her angry.
  • While Hana is able to deal with scary things unlike Sakurai, she can't handle watching horror movies.