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Fujio Uzaki is the father of Hana, Yanagi and Kiri and the husband of Tsuki.


Fujio is an older muscular man with short black hair whereas the front is parted to the right, blue eyes, and faded chin hair. His normal attire consists of a dark long-sleeved shirt and light-colored pants.


He is very protective of his daughter and family. Despite his overwhelming protectiveness, he greatly respects Sakurai as a persistent training apprentice. He even tells Shinichi about the situation with the relationship of Hana (without knowing, that Sakurai is exactly the guy, who Hanna is seeing). He loves his children very much and his attitude towards them is quite frivolous, which sometimes becomes the object of Yanagi's teasing.

Fujio likes light conversations and is very joyful, trying to cheer up his kids, but sometimes it becomes annoying in several situations. He is very easy-going and emotional whether it's excitement or nervousness.


Fujio is first introduced doing spotting for Shinichi while he exercises at the gym.


  • Hana Uzaki - Fujio is very protective of his daughter and cannot imagine the fact that she will be married to some guy one day. He very painfully receives the news that his daughter is dating some guy and freaks out with nervousness, discovering who this guy is.
  • Tsuki Uzaki - Fujio likes flirting with his wife (sometimes too explicitly), which often intimidates children and Tsuki, but they have a quite warm relationship with Tsuki and presumably have an active sex life at night.
  • Shunichi Sakurai - Fujio respects Sakurai as a good trainee in his gym and supports him during the stages of Shinichi's indecisiveness and hesitation. When he discovers, that Shinichi is the guy that Hana may be dating, he freaks out and worries very much.
  • Yanagi Uzaki - despite being protective towards Yanagi as well, Yanagi likes teasing her dad very much.
  • Kiri Uzaki - Fujio often supports Kiri during his troubles with doing exercises and swimming. However, sometimes Kiri is quite rebellious towards both Fujio and Tsuki, because of his absence of self-confidence and wish to become a better swimmer and get a girlfriend.