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Ami Asai is Shinichi's coworker and Mr. Asai's daughter.


Ami has dark-purplish medium length hair and wears red glasses along with two hair clips on her left and right bangs. She also wears a black shirt, a brown medium length apron, black pants, and light gray shoes.


Ami enjoys "people watching" and ogling attractive males, and she has a fond interest in watching the interactions between Shinichi and Hana. Ami hopes to see Shinichi and Hana enter a relationship, although Ami herself seems to find Shinichi's athletic build attractive.

She, along with her father, will imitate eating a bowl of rice with chopsticks when observing the actions that might bring Shinichi and Hana closer together. In episode 10, after seeing that Shinichi and Hana will be in the couple's seat on the lift, she imitates eagerly biting down on a very large onigiri that she holds with two hands.


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